Excerpt from Book 20 Chapter 8 of Natural Magick

"Women are made to cast off their cloths and go naked To let nothing pass that Jugglers and impostors counterfeit. They set a lamp with characters engraved upon it, and filled with Hare's fat. Then they mumble forth some words, and light it. When it burns in the middle of women's company, it constrains them all to cast off their cloths, and voluntarily to show themselves naked unto men. The behold all their privities, that otherwise would be covered, and the women will never leave dancing so long as the lamp burns. And this was related to me by men of credit. I believe this effect can come from nothing but the Hare's fat, the force whereof perhaps is venomous, and penetrating the brain, moves them to this madness. Homer says, the Massagetae did the like, and that there are trees whose fruit cast into the fire, will make all that are near to be drunk and foolish. For they will presently rise from their seats, and fall to leaping and dancing. There are thieves also,"

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