Susan Turner

"This is the best western romance I've ever read. It is also the only western by Turner - hopefully she'll write another."

- People Magazine

"Turner writes some wonderful western romances, and this is my favorite. The scene when she makes him breakfast is laugh out loud funny! The others are also quite good. Check out Loose Lasso and Captive in Colorado as well."

- The New York Times

"Set in Colorado, this is a fantastic story with a great hero and a feisty, multi-layered heroine. She has several other books set in the American west, such as Loose Lasso and Purple Mountain Majesty - they are all a sensual fantasy."

- Marie Claire

"This story is very touching: 'Horseface' Hattie is an endearing heroine and her 'plowboy' mate is quite a catch. It's fun and sexy - you'll never look at cacti the same way again.

Check out Purple Mountain Majesty and Captive in Colorado too."

- Vogue

"A sweet and touching story about a cowboy who risks his heart to help a sassy saloon girl in trouble find a husband. A great read!"

- Cosmopolitan Magazine

"No one writes "All American" historicals better than Susan Turner. Linnea and Teddy's romance will stay with you long after you've finished reading. If you haven't read her other works, try Loose Lasso and Captive in Colorado - you won't be disappointed."

- Glamour Magazine

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