So Good

I found this randomly on someone's shitty art website. Love this shit:
"Well, paradoxes are all around us. They happen continually and repeatedly. They are an important issue in this era where time travel seems possible and probable. If man can build up enough velocity to top the speed of light without being torn apart, then he can travel in time. If this happens, we will be faced by even more paradoxes, appearing out of the ether, which, in theory, will lead to the Earth's destruction. On a lighter and closer to home note, paradoxes are fascinating, because they should not be possible, but they happen, therefore they are possible. Another paradox. My fascination with paradoxes began when I discovered that they are even inside me and you. That is the way humans are made: we are contradictory creatures, with ambiguous personalities and conflicting world views. All paradoxes contain a form of illogicality and contradiction. The problem here is that we cannot conceive an illogical world, therefore it doesn't exist, though if we look to the paradoxes it does exist. Another paradox. This site was designed to philosophize on paradoxes through a contradiction of arts and science. Even in the design itself there lies a paradox. The name is "Brimstone-Rose" - an oxymoron - and the top photo is a combination of colour and B&W, metaphorically life versus death. 'Life is dark and harsh, but, oh, so sweet.' "

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