excerpt from flaubert's plan to finish the unfinished bouvard and pecuchet published in 1881

"Bouvard takes rosy view of future of mankind. Modern man is progressing. 

Europe will be regenerated by Asia. The law of history being that civilization goes from East to West -- role of China -- two branches of mankind will finally be merged. 

Future inventions; means of travel. Balloon. Submarine boat with windows; always in calm waters, as the sea is only disturbed on the surface -- It will be possible to see fish go by and landscapes at the bottom of the ocean. -- Animals tamed -- All kinds of cultivation. 

Future of literature (other side of industrial literature).

Future sciences -- Control magnetic pull. 

Paris is a winter-garden -- fruit espaliers on the boulevards. 

The Seine filtered and warm -- abundance of artificial precious stones -- lavish gilding -- house lighting -- light will be stored, because certain bodies have this property, like sugar, the flesh certain mollusks and Bologna phosphorus. House façades will be compulsorily painted with the phosphorescent substance and their radiation will light up the streets. 

Evil will disappear as want disappears. Philosophy will be a religion. 

Communion of all peoples. Public holidays. 

There will be travel to the stars -- and when the earth is used up mankind will move over to the stars."

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