poem by vinny from the jersey shore

We laughed we cried, we won we failed
we've seen the walls of the seaside jail.
From serious dinners to silly pranks
some were winners ,and some were skanks.
The town was alive as he announced the cabs
as was the house full of female jabs.
Countless tears and beers that were logged
beside the toilets that were clogged.
Romances made way, amongst the fights
some that were long, others one night.
Many messages were sent through our wise quacking phone,
For those it pertained to, the red whistle was blown.
Bedroom furniture, that was rearranged
due to arguments, that never change.
Facial jewelry and a year of fame.
spurring up many "yo, you changed."
Will the fighting go on forever ?
Trust no bitch, trust her never.
Will there be more testosterone ridden, sunny days
Hair cuts that fade, tans that are sprayed.
For now our skin, brains, and oreos are fried.
But if we continue, TRUST we will bring you along for the ride…we will bring you along for the ride.
Peace for now
-Vinny ....on behalf of my orange friends.

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